The Search for Dependable Public Wi-Fi

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I remember in the early 2000’s I lived a nomadic professional career, loitering from cafe to cafe for meetings, study and business, all requiring dependable wi-fi.  Mooching off of a coffee shop’s internet seemed a bit shameful back then.  And if that weren’t bad enough, I had the audacity to actually plug my power chord into the establishment’s outlet. …

The Awkwardness of Instagram & Facebook

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My stomach turned a bit when I heard the news of Facebook’s purchase of Instagram.  One of the most hip tools on my iphone, because a little bit lame.  Here are some thoughtful points about the awkward merger.

Excerpt from “When Did Facebook Become So Uncool” by John D.

2012 Logo Trends

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Trends of everything change and logos are no exceptions. Though the trends may change, the importance of logos is not going to change. Every company that has a famous logo wants to print it in every product, every advertisement and even in every bill board they have on display to advertise their products.…

How To Take Better Photos With Your Smart Phone

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This blog content was taken from a friend of mine named J.P. Stephens of Lumos Studio.  For a more complete version of this post, please visit his site.  And, if you live in the midlands of South Carolina, hire this guy.