direct your energy

In classic sc-fi a ray gun is a directed energy weapon that accomplishes the impossible. It’s the ultimate game-changer. directs your energy with razor sharp print products and design services.  Within days we deliver some of the most innovative and thoughtful products on the market.

what we do every day

  • RELIEVE overwhelmed marketing directors and business owners who have gone out of their minds
  • RECOVER projects from “buddies who could do it for cheap”
  • RESCUE brands from the clutches of boring, flat and otherwise lame solutions to marketing.

What makes us dangerous

Human Customer Service
We’ve chosen human beings to manage the everyday interactions with clients.  We feel they’re competent and pleasant to work with, even with only 10 fingers.

Space-Age Project Management uses the inter-webs to carry your project from beginning to end.  Using our Basecamp System, you we will be able to log-in to your own company’s account, submit content, see proofs, suggest edits and give final approval one in one place.

Diabolical Creativity tends to get in the way of bad ideas, offering a thoughtful eye to your marketing, design and communication approach.  We have a reputation in the galaxy for making things awesome.

A Cast of Characters works closely with a network of other creatives and companies, including photographers, videographers, manufacturers, developers and designers, providing consistent treatment of your brand.

meet garrett is managed by Garrett Curry, who works as a full-time Art Director and Brand Manager.  He enjoys adding proper creative weight to ideas through thoughtful design, and applies his skills to an entire ensemble of interactive, print and promotional solutions.

He enjoys working with small business owners, hearing their stories and giving them an unfair advantage.  Garrett is a very agile designer and marketer and becomes easily inspired by the goals of his clients.  He’s one of the “good guys” you want on your side.